There will be no cross platform support in Fallout 76

Hines’ tweet was dropped a few hours after Sony announced that it could play Fortnite between compete consoles with the PS4 and Nintendo Switch and Xbox One, and that this step would lead to more games being added.

In QuakeCon 2018, Hines stated; that Sony was concerned about Sony’s on cross-platform gameplay. However, Fallout announced his concerns about the Elder Scrolls: Legends card game rather than 76:

Fallout 76, of course: I have my Xbox, my child is playing on the computer and it would be good if we could play together, but if we can not be right. There are too many games. I’m playing Overwatch on Xbox, it also plays through PC and has a completely separate account. It doesn’t matter much for Fallout 76. But for Legends it is absolutely critical. You’re playing against someone who might be cross-platform. What you do on any platform structure, all of your progress unless you log on and you install the game, which means the future of everything you do.”

If you’re in the middle of a match and pointing to it a laptop computer, you put it on the phone, and you’ll just go right where you left off. If we have to start splitting our audience by saying, people can only play on this platform or any other progress on that platform cannot happen in another, then that would be a bad situation. 

Sony has confirmed the cross-platform for the Fortnite PS4, it’s still a matter of whether other games will soon become available.